Willoughby Bay

Willoughby Bay




After he closed and locked the door, he and I stood there in the darkened home as we stared to one another in silence. Then, when I imagined him to say something cold and without meaning, he grabbed my hair tight and took my lips by his own. I felt flush, but I enjoyed it more than anything I could imagine at that very moment. My body trembled, my skin twitched and my bones ached. Had this been what I was always searching for? What I was destined for? Nothing had ever tasted so wonderful, nothing had ever felt so good.

Without knowing how it happened, we were suddenly on the sofa, lost in the plush fabric that enveloped us both. He was lying over me, enjoying my skin as I felt him unlike I ever had before. And it was then that I knew I was nearly filled. In all the times I had thought I was satisfied, that I had found what I was missing, nothing compared to the sense of fullness I had while looking up to him. He rose above me and looked down as I wondered what was on his mind.

Then, as I licked my lips, his eyes frosted over. He returned to my skin with a freshness, a cooling sensation that crept down my spine. It was difficult to breathe, but not difficult to enjoy. My body was warmed beneath the skin, yet above it was chilled. My heart beat heavy and my mind wandered on. Every few seconds he would grasp my eyes with his own and I shuddered in his arms. I couldn’t explain why I felt the way I did. I hated him for good reason, but I also found him immensely attractive—by both his mind and body.

And then he sat back and wiped his mouth with a blank stare to the floor. I just lied there for another couple seconds before sitting up myself. I adjusted my shirt and pulled my hair to the side with a deep breath. “Forgive me,” he said and stood, pacing quick to the kitchen.

“For what?”

“I shouldn’t be touching you until after our wedding,” he replied as he drank down a glass of water.

“I’m not bothered by it,” I said with a foolish grin.

“I can see that.”

“But you are,” I said with a pressed brow.

“I keep getting closer to you, and it’s pushing me further away from my intentions,” he confessed.

“Ultimately, that will lead to your intentions,” I said with my hand stretched toward the sofa. “How else do expect to father a child?” I said with gumption.

“That isn’t what I mean when I say I’m getting closer to you,” he said and then looked up to me with cerulean eyes.

Irene has reached the end of her will. She has been threatened, hurt, manipulated and used. And now, she has chosen something for herself. As she leaves Elliot alone at the top of the cliff in Talon Grove, Irene falls into the arms of the enemy. And for once, she is glad.

While in Willoughby Bay, Irene and Lorcan soon form a relationship based simply on their mutual desire to end the fighting and find peace. He longs for an heir and power on the throne, and she wants to see her family survive. but along their path, as they both fight for their differences, they soon find how well they connect.

And as the wedding nears, Irene’s family and King Tristan agree to the ceremony without an argument. If only everyone was as satisfied as they.