Skye Sorn

Skye Sorn


Travel to the mystical land of the faeries as Irene encounters the one who could steal away her hope of a promising life. In this land of light and dark, the sun empowers, the wind invigorates, and the tales are never longer.

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Cole opened his eyes and they were burning red. I felt a sense of fear come over me; the uncertainty of what could happen in that tight room was ravaging my mind. Lorcan’s eyes shifted to me just as I felt my knees twitch. Cole wouldn’t look me in the eye, but he glanced over my hair and my neck. I swallowed hard, my heart was loud; I knew they would kill him if he came at me. “You’ve never wanted anything more,” Iliana said in a whisper, right in his ear, and the candle flames rose. I gasped as the air seemed to leave the room, and then Cole stood tall.

“It’s her fear,” Lorcan said with delight. “He’s drawn to her fear.” I kept my eyes down. “How fascinating! How truly dark.”

“You’ll hurt them both,” Lydia urged, but once again, Tristan kept her quiet.

“Fight her off,” Caleb said to Cole, but as quickly as he spoke, Cole’s wings lifted from his jacket, scorching the fabric and warming the room. The fireplace to my left raged and cracked fiercely. I jumped from my chair and found the wall with my hands. I leaned into it as the others huddled close on the other side of the room. To my side, Lorcan had stood and came close to me. I could see he was uncertain of what Cole would truly do. He and I looked on as Iliana cowered from her procreation and into the corner and the shadows. The fire sparked and spattered until the carpet flamed at my feet.

I took what strength I had and pulled the water from all of the glasses with my will. I forged the water through the air and towards the flames in a shower of rain. But the fire grew. Cole stood firm and tightened his muscles in his arms and back.

“What have you created?” Lorcan called to Iliana with large eyes. I could see how fearful he was of the moment. It was more frightening to see his calmness removed than to see Cole on the brink of destruction. And he truly was. In that room, in the midst of chaos, Cole stood still and silent. His eyes were fixed, black and sore. The others panicked, the others cried out, but he didn’t move an inch.

“You cannot stop me,” Cole spoke with determination, but his eyes would not look into mine. The wooden chairs caught fire and the table was next. I stood there motionless, barely able to keep my balance, as I watched Cole clinch his fists and his jaw in a fight against his desire to feed. I found myself separated from the others as the flames snaked around my feet. And then, as Caleb ran from the room, Cole’s eyes finally fell over mine. They were intimidating, similar to when I first looked into them the day he returned from Europe. His skin glowed intensely with the heat that he had created. I could see flames flicker in his eyes as I realized all of his primal urges were fading. Those eyes of his, ones I dreamed of, lightened before me as red globes, and then furthered into the dark brown spheres I adored. He stared to me as a man without knowledge of himself. As someone lost.


Once she escapes the overbearing influence of Lord Elliot, Irene enters the land of the faeries with an unexpected bond. She searches for Charlotte while trying to reconnect with Cole–both of which are highly difficult.

In the dark forest there are dangerous beings who warn Irene of what will come. With her inner fight against her growing darkness, she comes upon Lorcan and soon realizes his powers are far greater than she imagined.

Will she find her sister before it is too late? Will Cole finally remember her as he had before she left for Frostmoor? And what will happen once she returns and faces Elliot for the first time in weeks?

Explore this wonderful world and all it has to offer as Irene and Tristan connect through their grief and determination. And learn more about Cole’s strange nature, and why Lorcan fears his hidden powers.