Hallow Hills

Hallow Hills


In Hallow Hills, things are not as simple as they appear. The forest crawls with creatures of lore. The fields are littered with demons. And even in the light there is a vast darkness.

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I brushed passed my brother and stormed out the back door into the alley. Cole was leaning on his car as I took in a deep breath. The lingering smell of burning leaves from the neighborhood several streets away was fresh in my lungs. I walked close, but not too close, and I waited without a word.

“I am sorry, sorry you had to see that last night,” Cole said.

“What was it?” I asked.

“It’s not something I can explain right now, but I know in time you’ll understand.”

“Was she hurt badly?”

He didn’t answer me right away, but then he nodded and looked to me from beneath his brow. “I helped her though.”

“You caused it, though, didn’t you?” I looked around to the sky and the trees. I wasn’t sure how I knew it was him, but he nodded once more and it made sense. “How?”

“Irene, I can’t.”

Dylan walked out behind me and stood there, still heated, still red.

“Not now Dylan,” I asserted when I first noticed him.

“Why is he here?” he answered.

“Because I want him here,” I said without realizing what I was actually saying. Once it was out, it felt really good.

“Is this why you don’t wear your ring?” my brother asked.

“Dylan, don’t,” Cole spoke up.

“Don’t what?” Dylan responded. “How could you become this?”

“How could I?” Cole returned. “You’ve been this way your whole life!”

“Been what?” I asked, without being heard.

“Dylan, please,” Cole spoke, but my brother interrupted.

“Don’t,” he said firmly. “How could you do this to her?” he demanded. “How could you put her in danger? Expose her?”

After a minute of silence, as we all looked to each other, Cole spoke calmly, “She doesn’t know.” My brother looked away from me as I asked him what it was I didn’t know. Standing between Cole and I, Dylan looked as though he were ripped apart on the inside. His shoulders fell, his head lowered, but I still felt his heat. As he looked back to me, I could see something in his eyes was aching to rush out; something was building.


In this tale, a young woman learns of her magical heritage while pursuing the one person who could end her reign.

As the events unfold around her, made more intense by her nearing nineteenth birthday, she begins to realize that the people she knows and loves are very different than others in the town. Her brother heals faster than he should; her sister becomes ill and is cured only by her mysterious boyfriend; and the man she loves entrances her with his glowing dark brown eyes.

When she finally learns of her fate, Lorcan, the white prince of darkness, appears to take her away as his queen. For Irene Yarwood, a life of love and kindness is something she’ll need to fight for–with every bit of her soul. Or she’ll find herself captive, her legacy forced to end at the hands of a faerie.