In this mythical place, Irene’s journey continues alongside the noble Lord Elliot. As she uncovers more of her heritage, soon she discovers she is in great danger and unable to leave.

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I met Elliot at the back gate, just before the path to the lake. He did not say a word to me, he did not look me in the eye. As he opened his arm for me to take, he squinted in the reflective white skylight of the clouds, and we watched the snow begin to fall.

Together, we walked toward the lake. I held tight to his arm and the dark blue jacket he wore, and he pulled me so close I thought I would trip over his feet. I could tell he was tense, and that he was fighting against the urge to transition. I could hear his rumble, feel his heat, and when he finally looked to me, his eyes were bloodshot. I instantly took in a long and deep breath, and I closed my eyes. I looked back to him as he continued to walk me towards the lake, and he appeared calmer, his eyes beautifully blue.

There, at the lake—near an old tree with a trunk wider than four men, branches strewn out in a tangled mess—Master Beynon, Elliot’s mother’s brother, stood cloaked in a long dark blue robe. I stepped over the pebble pathway and held tight to Elliot so I wouldn’t fall. My grandmother and brother were standing near the tree, as were Elliot’s father, mother and sister. The green lawn was frozen and crispy as we stepped to the front. Slow moving snowflakes—enormous and magical—fell around us as the lake clouded over with a dense fog. The water was clear and deep, icy and full.

Without her closest friends, and with having to leave Cole in a desperate state, Irene feels confused and uneasy. Elliot shows her the lands and his family, as well as the council that advises them.

In her new title as Lady of the Wild, Irene soon meets an unexpected person who has been banished into the forest. With knowledge of things she and Elliot did not expect, Irene prepares for the worst, joining her enemy to save her life.

The delicate crown upon her head, snow falling thick above; the fields have become a battle ground. Will the mighty Lord Elliot be able to protect his Lady as the others shift into beasts around them?

Walk with Irene as she visits this cold land, where ice coats the branches and frost blankets the fields. Their world is one of old, as are their tales. Irene, unfortunately, happens to be unaware of the threats that persist right before her eyes.