The Yarwood Series

Irene Yarwood is a young woman who discovers the world is much more colorful than she ever imagined. Her brother, sister and mother are everything to her; though the absence of her much beloved father has always hurt deeply. Before her nineteenth birthday, Irene begins to understand the complexity of some strange occurrences in her home town of Hallow Hills, and the truth about her closest friends.

With her best friend’s brother, Cole, returning from his summer in Europe, Irene’s world turns upside down. She learns quickly that some of her friends are actually faeries–beings who possess great magic over humans and nature. Intriguing at first, Irene then learns that mortal essence–a life force from humans–feeds the Faeries to keep them strong and young while in the human world.

Irene embraces this new knowledge, admiring the beauty in the unknown, but as her friend lies dying, her strength and compassion is pushed to the limit. With the ability to save him, Irene makes a sacrifice and discovers that she, too, is a legendary creature, the daughter of a water dragon.

With her family pushing her into a life she never wanted, Irene fights for her friends and the love of Cole. Unfortunately, her dragon lord awaits, vowing to take her home and protect her from the Faeries, good or evil.

This urban fantasy series is filled with mystery, love and horror. Lasting fairy tales and tragic passion meet in this tempting tale of two creatures on opposites sides of mortality. Journey with Irene as she struggles to accept her nature and her fate, all while narrowly escaping the threat of the High Prince of Darkness, a faerie who desires to claim Irene as his own.