The Humanity of the Vampire

Vampires have captivated our imaginations for centuries. They’re mysterious, forbidden and passionate. They give us reason to fear the dark while enjoying the unknown.

In this eight-part, miniseries event, we meet several vampires whose lives are more human than expected.

Jack is driven by his love for the mortal woman Lou. Her optimism and curiosity is what captured his eye early on. But she is willing to turn away from Jack if her mortality strains his existence.

Their story is told through the eyes of the people, both mortal and vampire, around them. And with each new chapter, new characters and moments arise. Not only do we meet Jack and Lou, but their numerous close friends. We learn of their lives and the desires that push them. And we discover what it is that makes these characters cling so intently to the human nature that surrounds them everyday.


*story contains adult content*