The Humanity of the Vampire #7


With a cigarette in his mouth, Ryan lit his lighter and cupped his hands around his face. Inhaling in the cold wind, the man peered out over the street with thin eyes. He hadn’t seen Tatiana in several nights, and he wondered if he ever would again. A plume of smoke filled the air around his face as he leaned back on his right foot. One hand held the cigarette with a tight clasping tremble. The other hand pulled out his phone.

“You coming down tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s just rain,” Ari pipped on the other end. “Do you have the cake ready?”

“I got a cheesecake,” he answered, then took a steep drag.

“Perfect,” Ari spoke in a tone that made Ryan smile. “See you around eight.”

Back inside, the pub was empty. Ryan washed his hands at the bar, staring momentarily at himself in the mirror. He then pulled a long white towel from the hanging bar hidden behind the counter. He twisted his hands into the fabric, getting every crease as dry as he could. With the towel flipped up over his shoulder, Ryan leaned against the bar and sighed.

Glasses on the shelves were incredibly clean. The chef would arrive in twenty minutes to find the kitchen spotless. Friends that Ryan did not know well, and those he considered dangerous, would all arrive before long. He glanced to the neon sign near the door and huffed. Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #7”

The Humanity of the Vampire #7

The Humanity of the Vampire #6


Wiping the counter, Ari heard the door behind open and close. At 3:11 that afternoon, the mortal closed her eyes and exhaled. “She isn’t—,” and she froze as she caught sight of the man at the counter. Where she had expected Jack to be asking for Lou, a different man stood before her.


“Never mind,” she smiled. A quick study of the man and she was aware of his nature. Ari leaned over the counter and looked up to him. Her eyes squinted, her fingers tapped. “You all look the same.”

“I’m sorry,” he spoke. He had brown hair and tawny eyes. He was leaner than Jack, a bit shorter, too, but still above six feet.

“Why is that you choose this time to come in here?” she teased. Leaning from his sight, Ari’s eyes traced around the coffee bar and found no mortals. “You have it down to a science, don’t you?”

The man laughed to himself.

“Don’t lie.”

“He said you were quick,” the man set his hands on the counter and lifted his brow. “Foolish, but quick,” his voice echoed the sounds of faraway lands. Places Ari admired. Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #6”

The Humanity of the Vampire #6

The Humanity of the Vampire #5



Sparkling blue eyes, crisp like rushing water—Saoirse stood before her lover. She reveled in his strange appearance; his inflamed nostrils and enlarged, pointed teeth. She reached up and felt his face and wondered how his cold touch had never alarmed her before.

“I won’t ask you to stay,” he maintained. “I won’t ask anything of you.”

Saoirse stood firm while taking in every inch of him. His hands were patiently sitting at his thighs, his head tilted toward her. She listened to him breathe, watched the way his body opened and closed in again. His melody captivated her inner senses and drove her desires—just as it always had.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she gleamed. “I knew you were different. I’ve known for a while.”

The vampire hid his eyes momentarily, then he returned to her. “I hope you understand. This isn’t something I can easily share.”

“I’m not upset, Lucius, really,” she furthered. “I’m fascinated.” Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #5”

The Humanity of the Vampire #5