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The Humanity of the Vampire #5



Sparkling blue eyes, crisp like rushing water—Saoirse stood before her lover. She reveled in his strange appearance; his inflamed nostrils and enlarged, pointed teeth. She reached up and felt his face and wondered how his cold touch had never alarmed her before.

“I won’t ask you to stay,” he maintained. “I won’t ask anything of you.”

Saoirse stood firm while taking in every inch of him. His hands were patiently sitting at his thighs, his head tilted toward her. She listened to him breathe, watched the way his body opened and closed in again. His melody captivated her inner senses and drove her desires—just as it always had.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she gleamed. “I knew you were different. I’ve known for a while.”

The vampire hid his eyes momentarily, then he returned to her. “I hope you understand. This isn’t something I can easily share.”

“I’m not upset, Lucius, really,” she furthered. “I’m fascinated.” Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #5”

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The Humanity of the Vampire #4



A porcelain plate hit the wall and shattered into dozens of pieces. At the opposite side of the room stood Brie, a dainty structured, youthful mortal of nineteen. Her forest green, hooded eyes were bloodshot, her jaw clamped tight.

“I told you, he was only a meal,” Joss argued back, her hands out in the air.

“And what am I?” Brie returned with force. “What are these?” she showed her wrists and the bite marks Joss had left behind. “Are you full?” her wiry voice snapped.

Joss grunted and stomped around for a moment. “You were in San Francisco; what was I supposed to do? Starve?” her voice peaked without an increase in volume.

“You were supposed to come with me,” Brie softened. The young woman rolled her eyes and set the other plate—the one she had held onto in case it needed to be thrown—on the table. Letting the air out of her stressed little frame, Brie paced to the bathroom, locked the door and started the shower. Joss, left to stare over the mess, crossed her arms in a huff. Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #4”

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The Humanity of the Vampire #3



“Whoever said that an enchantment was magical and something to behold was a fool,” Lillian mouthed with her wine-stained lips.

“Come now, you don’t mean that,” Mateus’ eyes smiled.

“You’ve never felt like this,” she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. She loved heels, even though she never needed to prop herself up. Pressing her back to the molding of the door frame, Lilian rolled her sky-blue eyes.

“Tell me of him,” Mateus sat on the couch with his leg bent beneath him. He wore a gray sweater with dark jeans. His skin was deep olive and perfectly preserved, his hair thick and dark. He waited with patience until Lilian broke a smile.

With a steep breath, the woman went to his side and sat with her knees pressed tight. Her fingers ran down her thighs in thought until she found something she could say.

“He’s kind and never closes his mind out on me,” she glimmered. Thoughts of her mysterious love always forced a smile. Continue reading “The Humanity of the Vampire #3”