The Pactum

  1. Each person alive shall commit to a single branch, a separate sect of our current society, by the age of eighteen, or face punishment as an outlander.
  2. Those sworn members will serve their branch until death meets them; in any form or manner, without question. Personal doubt has no position amongst an undivided society.
  3. Each branch shall work with one another to amend any differences between the lasting people of Earth; to ensure the survival of the nations on the next world, and further.
  4. Each branch holds an equal position amongst others, with no branch being more superior to any other. Respect will be given to all, and all shall respect.
  5. Classes hold three-tiered rankings to determine superiority. These, however, are secondary to the Chain of Command, which is followed by all members in each branch—without question. Insubordination or disrespect may lead to exile.
  6. Each member must follow their superior master throughout the levels until that individual has arisen at the top. The member with the longest service shall take the highest seat.
  7. The magistrate will hold judgement hearings for those found guilty of offenses. Each branch shall have a representative within the magistrate, all answering to the four united Admirals.
  8. Decisions will be made based on the advice from each class, as well as the masters of any given branch. Voices are to be heard, yet the Chain of Command will have final say in all matters.
  9. All vowed members will forever have a shelter, required nutrition and other various items necessary to live a fulfilling and productive life—all provided by their branch as a humane right.
  10. This is the agreed-upon law, and will continue to be, in this world and the next.