On every suit there are three sets of numbers, each digit a different shade to distinguish the relevance. The first digit is symbolic to the class to which the member is committed. There are candidates for positions and there are holders of titles, both with the number they are pledged to.

Warriors are number one, and are the strongest and most dedicated to combat. They are capable of using weaponry of all levels, and do best while on ground.

Executives are number two, and are important to the society for their ability to lead, comprehend and further the masses. Members of this class move up through the chain of command quickly and easily; all four of the admirals are of the executive class.

Magistrates are number three, and they represent everything judiciary. These people are law makers, enforcers and judges. When someone violates the law, it is a magistrate who decides what form of punishment is required for retribution.

Advisors are number four. With the desire to enrich their lives with culture and the arts, advisors often see life in a way others cannot. They consult their captains and admirals on every issue; nothing is finalized without first speaking with an advisor.

Healers are number five, and they are skilled in all things medicine. With a vast knowledge of anatomy, healers use everything they can to save lives and prevent illnesses.

Cultivators are number six, and they use their skills to grow food for the branches. They are responsible for raising animals for their goods as well. The skills cultivators learn help to grow the herbs needed for medicines and the woods used by craftsmen.

Craftsmen are number seven. They are capable of building anything the masses would need. From furniture to equipment, the craftsmen are able to forge iron, construct wood and embellish goods. In addition, seamstresses within the class produce clothing and other textiles for the members of their branch.

Teachers are number eight, and though they are a separate class, teachers often provide information to the youth no matter the subject. Teaching is a very important role, since many parents have numerous obligations and cannot school their little children. A teacher is responsible for a set group of children until they reach pledging age. Afterwards, apprenticeship begins.

Navigators are number nine. With their extensive knowledge of the skies and the seas, rescues and transport become easily possible. They understand the mechanics of the planes and ships they control; able to repair, modify and improve upon existing models. There are three modes of transport; aviation (pilot), nautical (marine) and terrain (driver).

The class system is secondary to the branches. Each member of a branch must contribute to remain active and receive provisions. With the journey to Ancora ever-close, members must remember to be aware of the needs of others. If the societal system begins to falter, chaos will certainly crumble all that the people have worked for.