Every society needs order. For the remaining people of Earth, after the final world war, leaders saw a need for change. This was the time of awakening. The four branches were created to stabilize the masses and prepare to venture into space. It was clearly evident that the men of old had left the planet in a decimated state; no longer was Earth well enough to provide for any form of life. Since the induction of the four branches, there have been uprisings and resistance, so the order of command was designed for battle. There has not been an opposition for twenty years, but if a battle was to occur, there are protocols.


Number one in combat and order, Supremas members are warriors first and people second. Skilled in weaponry and tactics, Supremas lead executives often desire offense, which opposes the ideals of other branches. With the highest candidates and members of the warrior and executive classes, Supremas members lead the way without hesitation. They wear red suits with white markings; their symbol is the dodecagon.


Comprised of the most intelligent minds, in both medicine and history, Primoris members are academics with a strongly optimistic look on life. They are known for their rescue missions, and for their humanitarian position. With the highest number of secretary recruits, Primoris is often called upon for highly important meetings and advisory needs. Third in line during combat, members rarely enter battle. Primoris members wear white suits with purple markings, their symbol is the parallelogram.


Balance and honor are the ultimate qualities of a Medietas member. Constantly working toward harmony and peace, Medietas has the highest number of members and candidates for the magistrate class. Because of their dedication to justice, Medietas members follow Supremas in battle without question. Their suits are blue with black markings; their symbol is the isosceles triangle.


Knowledge and power are important, but to Ultimus members caring for the society is of the upmost concern. With a high concentration of craftsmen and cultivators, Ultimus is known for being self-sufficient, both in war and peace. Last in line during battles, Ultimus is seen as the weakest branch during combat. Their suits are black with green markings; their symbol is the hexagon.