Ancora is a large world with much to offer. As her new inhabitants arrive, they bring their stabilized society and their ways of life.

The Branches are the base of the society. There are four branches in all, each one with its own unique colors and patterns for differentiation. Read all about them here.

The Classes are where each member of a branch is further committed to a specific ability. These abilities are chosen, though they must be kept for life. There are nine classes designed to keep balance among the branch and all the needs of the members. Read more here.

In order for the branches and the classes to function properly, there is a strict Chain of Command. Within each class of each branch there is a line of leaders and followers, who always keep to the rules. They do not question their leaders, and they only move forward when someone above dies. Read more here.

The rules that keep everything together are known as Vows. These vows are taken anytime after a novus turns thirteen, but must occur before the age of eighteen. If not, they are cast out and considered outlanders. Read more here.

The Pactum is the agreement that binds each branch together. Without following the Pactum, branches would fall apart, class systems would crumble and the chain of command would no longer have balance. Read more here.