Earth has witnessed many troubles; she has faced doom, destruction and chaos. But mankind, with his constant wars and greediness, has left Earth on the brink of death. With the climate raging out of control and weather disrupting fertile lands and poisoning large bodies of water, the people of Earth are running low on options for survival.

The final world war, which began nearly a hundred years ago, decimated the remaining resources, and used up most of the sun’s energy for weaponry. Mankind thought he was smart.

But now that the sun is a smaller, redder sphere, that is dying a little more every day, the people of Earth realize they must leave before what’s left rots away.


After the war ended, mankind sent people to colonize a planet named Ancora in the Soles Geminus region of space. About four light years away, this planet is reached within eight days with the use of the Vi Solis, a powerful engine created for space-time travel. It is housed on the Locus Pons, the station which manipulates the energy created by the Vi Solis. With a sister station in the space above Ancora, mankind is able to forge a pathway between worlds. Before the sister station was created, travel was much longer, with the Vi Solis mounted to the travel ship for extra power.

The final crew, of varying classes and branches, are gathering for departure when an accident claims nearly eighty lives of the Primoris crew. Survivors include, Secretary Imulus Violet Birch, Captain Mack Heyward and Second Pilot Liam Pierce. As they make their way to Thorn Base, they are uncertain about their future and the impending venture into space.


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