About the Author

Writing has always been my passion. From when I was a child, I found myself drawn into the world of creativity and imagination. I always thought that writing was the perfect experience. If I wanted to visit Paris, be a doctor, go back to the 1960’s or even be an old woman of eighty, writing can make all that happen.

In my stories, the characters are bound by love, passion and desire. These ties are ever-lasting, drawing them together even after death. What happens to us when we die is the greatest mystery of all. I would like to believe, that no matter how strange it is, we would still find the ones we love.

Nature plays a major role in my work as well. The seasons and the elements of the world are highly influential, sparking ideas constantly. This leads to the notion of magic and the unknown we somehow seek every day.

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I’ve always enjoyed Gothicism, from film, art and literature. This genre found its roots during the 1800’s, and included works like Frankenstein, Dracula, and the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, William Faulkner and even Kate Chopin.

The most common elements in these stories, and within the genre, are unexplained occurrences that people attribute to demons and evil; the oppression of women and their role in society; and the dark creatures and notions that threatened the very purity of the soul.

This unknown and unexplainable aspect of darkness is what drives early horror fiction. It isn’t gore and it isn’t filled with blood and mindless screams. Fear is deep and played upon like a toy. It grows from nothing more than a creaking door, to full-blown madness. Escape is impossible; the terror is in the mind.

You can send me questions or comments with the form below. I won’t ever send you an unwanted email. (and no, I don’t have a monthly newsletter :p) I only reply to what you ask about.

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