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31It’s so quiet… so dark in here. I wonder… what’s this? What is… it’s so cold and smooth. Hello? I can’t see anything. Is someone there? Why is it so cold? Am I… I’m naked! I’m not… why am I here? Hello? Ugh! Open up! Open!

It’s so bright. Is anyone there? My legs… mud and leaves… blood. Blood in my toe nails and on my ankles. Ugh, maybe I can wear this. It’s long enough. Maybe I can go up there. What is that? Another room? Where am I?

Is she laughing? Hello? Why is she staring at me? Don’t leave! I don’t understand what’s happening. Why can’t I go up there? Why are the lights going out?

It’s so… so quiet in here.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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