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The Time Keeper


The walls of the room felt tight at my back. I looked around and could see the light of the near-melted candle flicker off the darkness, dancing wildly in every direction. The ceiling, so high it must’ve been thirty-feet, was blacker than black. Then a cold chill fell over my skin as the monster spoke.

“It is your time,” it said. The voice crawled into my ears and poked at my brain like a needle.

I stood without a word, and without motion. I was unable to breathe, but then again, I don’t think I needed to anymore.

“Come forward,” it continued.

Still, I was a statue.

The monster turned and the light fell over its decrepit face. I shivered, pulled back, but it stepped close. In its hands was a long chain, covered in blood and dangling rhythmically. With another step towards me, I realized a clock swinging from the end of the chain.

“It is your time,” it grinned.

I felt the wall at my back, but my hands searched on. The monster stepped to me, no space remained between its body and mine. I could smell the rotting flesh of its skin, almost taste it in the air.

“It is your time,” it whispered. It reached out and took my hand, and then placed the watch chain into my palm. As quick as I held the chain, the monster dissipated into a plume of dust. I gasped, once more unsure if I was truly breathing or not, then looked to the candle on the table.

The flame briefly went out, the room fell entirely dark. Then, just as fast, a new light appeared on a fresh white candle. And the chain in my palm wrapped tight around my wrist and dug into my skin.




I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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