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The Being


No one was around to hear the gun go off. Emma ran as fast as she could, but being, made of flesh and blood, continued steadily behind.

“Leave me alone!” she screamed.

Clunking heavy feet, stepping with perfect pace, the being was relentless. Emma ran, tripping over her heels until she was barefoot.

Months before, the world experienced a terrible outbreak that killed seventy-percent of all people. Doctors believed they had found a cure, but after administering the vaccine, the virus took a turn. Some were spared, left with scars and deformities, both of the brain and the body. Some, like the being that now chased Emma, were converted.

Emma gasped as she neared a park. She could see four other beings in the faint sunrise. She hesitated for just a second, long enough for the being from behind to take hold of her arms and begin to eat.

Then, after the being finished, and walked away from her lifeless body, Emma’s fingers twitched. She crawled, mangled and bleeding, down the stairs and into the park below.




I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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