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Taken by the Night


Philomena had a powerful soul, one that many feared, few adored. Her hands burned by fire, yet she never flinched. Her mind blistered from the scorn of thousands of spirits, yet she never stopped during a spell.

In the evenings, when the moon was full, she would sit beneath the trees and take in the natural world. City lights and technical noises hurt her deeply; darkness was where she found peace.

One night, while the moon was waning, she felt the urge to venture into the woods. Being clever, Philomena knew which path to take to avoid the beasts and monsters. Each step carefully planned, each thought rehearsed before leaving home.

“Hello?” she whispered as the shadows covered part of her body. Twigs snapped from a distance, yet she stepped on. “Hello?” she spoke a little louder. The bustling noise of the woods had increased. Philomena realized she was not alone.

Her bag dropped to the floor, she stepped back on her heels. With fire raging in her hands, Philomena lit the bed of leaves aglow.

“Show yourself!” she shouted. The creature did not appear at first. Instead, it slowly approached the small clearing where she stood. With bushes of orange foliage concealing the man, Philomena recalled the last time she waited with patience and curiosity. The scar over her shoulder gave her reason to react.

Philomena surged fire towards the creature, one energy blast after another. The trees ignited and the creature cried out. And then she knew.

“Philomena,” the concealed creature called out in a whimper. The voice of the man she once adored, taken by the night long ago.

Quickly she retracted the fire and went to heal him, but he stopped her.

“This is why I came,” he spoke, his teeth long and his hair shagged. “I need an end, and you’re strong enough to see it through.”

“I can’t,” she cried, her eyes finding his sullen globes.

“You must or I will take you into the dark with me.”

Philomena nodded, slowly stood, and then looked down over the man she once loved. With fire raging in her palms, and an unstoppable flow of water forging beneath her eyes, Philomena lit the creature ablaze. His loud shrieks tore at her ears, but she continued on.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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