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The Call


Dawn broke and I found myself searching for something I couldn’t explain. It was deep, lingering in the pits of my stomach. And so I reached out and crawled into the light. I wanted to find the essence that called to me, but it was far and faint.

I found my knees and raised my eyes to the sun. My flesh was hot and rolled with sweat; my temples ached uncontrollably. One foot and then the other, soon I was trying to stand. I reached out to the light above, but I felt taunted by the surging glow.

My heart was still as I began to walk. I could see the hole in the ground closing in around where I once was. I turned my back and went on towards the call.

Deep in a small town to the east sat a bar. I could hear some people laughing from the window where I stood. There were few voices, but the scent that called was high.

I entered the place while the people gawked on. I was less than descent; wore torn clothing and smelled of days work. I sat down and asked for something strong. The bartender gave me a strange look, and then poured a glass of dark liquid before me.

Sliding the glass to my hands, the bartender gazed up to my bloodshot eyes. The room was quiet and all attention fell upon me. But I didn’t mind. I had heard the call, and I was there to answer. I took the bartender by the collar and sunk my teeth into his flesh. The glass of liquor spilled over the counter, but it wasn’t tempting me anymore. I craved something stronger, and it certainly felt good.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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