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Beneath the Water


I know he loves me, and I know we’ll be together forever. I just have to take him away. I have to show him that I mean more than he realizes. That’s why I asked him to meet me at the beach; near the warm summer waters of California. We met here years ago, and it was a dream.

He bought me cotton candy near the fair, and we played games together until dark. I remember the Ferris wheel and the moon… so intoxicating.

I couldn’t let him go, you know. He’s meant the world to me, especially since my mother died. There isn’t anyone else. It makes me smile just thinking of how strong he’s been. I haven’t always treated him nice, or been smart about things, but he’s been patient.

And I know he said he wanted to marry that girl. I know. But he belongs to me. ME.

And I’m sure that she’s a darling, and always does what he wants and gives him anything he wants. But he belongs to me.

We just need a little time away. He can clear his mind and see us like I see us.

And it’s such a perfect day.

His eyes are so blue beneath the water.

I’m coming my love.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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