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Angel of the Shore


“I can’t love you like this anymore,” Corinne whispered over the breaking waves. Her heart longed for Kaspar with diligence and demand. Unfortunately, his heart belonged to the sea.

“I must leave,” he returned with strength. “You’ve known my desires from the beginning.

When the boat left, Corinne waited by the shore to see it off. She watched as it carried over thrashing waves, struggling to gain ground in the heavy winds.

She waited still. It seemed to take a lifetime to reach the edge of her vision.

At sea, the storm did not cease. Kaspar fought to keep his ship afloat, though it fell in the night.

Other wives sobbed and begged their lord for their lovers to return. Corinne’s eyes dried.

At the shore, she stood with her dress dipped into the cold waters. She waited to see the ship return. Her legs fell numb, as did her heart, and soon, her body froze.

Hours became days and her vision started to fail. Her white skin never seemed to find the sun. Along the horizon, however, there was a shadow of a ship creeping into view. Corinne, at her knees and alone, could hear the bells as Kaspar approached land.

He, too, was white and weak. The crew would never again find the sun. But there, along the shore, they found a beckon of inspiration. An angel shining bright and bold.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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