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Nothing was ever easier than for Samuel to fall in love. He held passion deep in his bones, carried romance in his every word; his charm and intrigue kept him high without trying. As you would expect, he found someone equally able to be devoured.

Their love was powerful and divine, yet everything beautiful finds a way to decay. Though she tried hard to keep him from entering that forest, Samuel had his mind set on a stunning golden flower near an enormous tree. It was hers, he would say. Golden like the strands of hair that fell to her elbows.

Taking the stem between his fingers, Samuel plucked the golden flower from its place and rose with a smile. Unfortunately, the forest did like their baby being taken. The tree near the dying root of the flower awoke and wrapped its branches around Samuel. He struggled, but was encased.

His lover looked on in fear as Samuel’s body succumbed to the power of the forest. The sky darkened and lightning raged; Samuel cried out for release.

And when the sounds subsided, and the moon shone on the ground, Samuel was gone. His lover looked on with doubt as she neared the tree and the image of a body set into the center, encased in wood.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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