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The Beast Within

Credit: Vibemagazine
Credit: Vibemagazine

Gabrielle loved the passion in Jasper’s eyes. The way he would care for her, and yet, still oppose her when his heart chose. She followed him without rest. She gave everything to him as his dreams. They became her own.

With the rewards high, the pleasures abundant, Jasper carried his love to a foreign place. The sun glowed bright in the evening and the air smelled sweet and calm. But in the alleys lurked a beast. And it followed without rest.

To the castle on the hill, in the moonlight, Jasper held Gabrielle tight. Enveloped in silk, passion at its highest, two became one. Beauty had never seen such grace. In the shadows, however, the beast claimed another. Like a virus, all that laid eyes upon the entity fell victim to its strength. The chase was a game, one that the beast would follow without rest.

The days came slow and the two reveled in new joy. The dress was white and the suit boldly black. Peace came to those around, and yet the beast lurked on. In the darkness of the steeple, in the place where light was abundant, it followed without rest.

Then, beyond the shore, where the stars fell to the sea, Gabrielle leaned over her love and prepared to kiss his face. Jasper, with glowing eyes, stared up with interest. His beloved was different. She wasn’t delicate in the way she once was. Her eyes burned red and Jasper scurried to escape. But she followed him without rest.

Weeks came and the sun wouldn’t rise. The moon, ever-bright in the twinkling sky, followed the lovers. Their joy turned to pain and defeat. The beast that lurked was gone, his job finished. The virus passed, the threat continued. And now Jasper seeks a soul to pass the curse; Gabrielle follows him still. Without rest.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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