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She remembered the night. Her hair lifted and her eyes felt the cold, and she struggled to keep it together. Her love—broken by the fear he had carried for many years—had left her arms in the night. Jack, she thought. His face in her mind, his voice lingering in her ears; she was lost.

Walking along the edge, she considered the weight of the wind. How it tore at her body and pulled her from her step. It was frightening, but she lived for the emotion. It was the only thing she could feel.

“Katherine,” he whispered in the air. She could sense him everywhere around her; he enveloped her whole. Her hands trembled, and yet, she found a way to hold tight to a lamp post on the edge of the bridge. “Do not follow me,” he spoke to her.

“I can’t stay here,” she whispered in the night. She was alone, mostly; the occasional car sped by without knowledge of her existence twice an hour. “I can’t keep living this nightmare.”

“Please love,” he spoke as his body appeared from the mist. “Please don’t harm yourself.”

“You left me here,” she pleaded. “You left me with no choice.”

“I left you here so you could move on,” he touched her face and his hand filtered into the night like oil in water.

“I can’t,” she returned with trembling lips.

In the distant city, the lights were golden and brave. They captured her heart and her artist’s soul, but the passion she once adored had went with his last breath. In the time that spanned, there were endless nights by the river. Fits of rage tormented her mind and kept her from returning to the lights.

“It was hard for me to leave you, my love,” his voice carried over the water. “But it’s harder to see you unravel.”

“Then go,” she demanded. “Leave me like you wanted!”

“I had to end the voices,” he cried out to her. “I couldn’t bare the pain… the torment.”

“And it wasn’t torture for me?” she reversed. “Do you think I never noticed? The late nights you would lie awake, the days when you seemed so completely gone; your fear was my own!”

Jack, a man of intelligence, understood in that moment there was one end to their dilemma. He took hold of Katherine’s hand—so light and airy—and leapt to the water with her at his side. She was no longer fearful, no longer lost. She had found peace in the mess of the night. And though no one in the city knew their story, they understood the greater tale of life. That in togetherness comes pain, fear and dismay; and the content for the other who makes you whole.



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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