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Update: It wasn’t pleasant, but it was certainly fulfilling :)

I can’t say it went perfect (I missed a day or two) but I fought hard and finished each prompt with an original piece of fiction. In the end, I have a collection of 31 shorts that I am very proud of. It was a learning lesson, both in discipline and style. I hope other writers find inspiration and challenge themselves to do something they love!

Original article:

Halloween, if you can’t already tell, is my favorite holiday. It’s the best time of year; red and orange leaves, rain, coffees at the bookstore, spooky movies and creepy clouds. I LOVE this season! And, to celebrate, I want to experience scary frights all month long :0

I am challenging myself to write a short story every night (yeah, I’m probably crazy) based on a picture prompt. I’m setting up a Pinterest board to showcase the stories, which I’ll tag by date. I’ve selected a few pictures to start with if you guys want to go check them out!

These stories will be published right here using the category Writober. And they’ll be on Wattpad :)

I invite you all to do the same this month in celebration of the dead, monstrous and unexplainable things in our wonderfully diverse world!


~Story of 100 to 500 words

~Nothing R rated

~Can have aliens, vampires, ghosts… etc

Tag your story #writober and send out a tweet! Happy reading… and writing!!



I write because it makes me happy :) Simple enough!

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